Research, development and commercial applications of advanced flexible materials.

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Understanding Composite Materials: Tapes

In Brief

At first thought tapes sound like a simple concept; a long, narrow piece of material that is sticky on one side and used to hold things together. However in the world of advanced flexible materials a more detailed definition is necessary in order to capture the technical attributes of tape which enable functionality across a wide array of applications.  

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Understanding Composite Materials: Classifications

In brief

Composites can be a tricky material to classify and standardize because by their nature they are not very standard at all. This can be a challenge for sourcing teams, product development groups, and R&D staff when they are working with flexible composite materials. Complexities exist within the broad material category of flexible composites that make classification and standardization a challenge.  For example, one subset of composite materials has an adhesive coating that changes from an un-tacky coating to a tacky adhesive coating when exposed to a given set of environmental conditions.  So, what is it?  How do you classify it, discuss it, and find suppliers of it?

We start with a simple definition of what exactly a composite material is. 

A composite is a combination of two or more distinct materials having a recognizable interface.

Then we use three simple Composite Type classifications to differentiate composites and standardize our language and communication about them.

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