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Cooling Technical Textile Developed by Stanford Engineers

Cooling Technical Textile Developed by Standford Engineers

In Brief

Technical textiles are being constantly developed to innovate the way medicine is practiced and to reshape patient experience. However, textiles are something that the average person is more than used to. Clothes are worn on a daily basis. Based on comfort, fit, and style, we choose our favorites and set out to conquer our day.

Cooling Breathable Fabric

Scientists at Stanford have now however, developed a new reason to throw on a shirt. Stanford has developed a textile that breathes so well that it actually keeps you cooler than you would be if you were not wearing it.


Imagine not having to turn on your house's air-conditioning unit to cool off. The impact on your electric bill would be astronomical. The Scientists at Stanford were able to accomplish this by mixing computer simulation with practical science. The fabric would need to be porous to allow heat and water vapor to pass through, but still remain durable, and cloth like, so that consumers would wear it. Stanford scientists settled on using polyethylene plastic.

Polyethylene Nano Structure

Polyethylene was used because it has a distinct Nano structure that does not interact with infrared light. This means that the plastic can be seen by visible light waves, “It looks like Plastic,” but it does not get hot like a cotton shirt will in the sun.


After concerning themselves with what material to use, they set out to ensure it was porous enough to breathe like other wearable materials. The material was initially too thin. So, the developers layered two sheets, separated by cotton to strengthen their material and make it feel like something consumers were comfortable wearing.

Ongoing Development

Stanford is still developing this material. They are adding more colors and making certain that it is as functional as its competitors. This innovation could potentially make a great impact on the consumption of energy around the world, and increase humanities' overall comfort.

In Summary

Cotton shirts may someday be a thing of the past, though this may still be some time from now. So, do not go throwing out your favorite T-shirt just yet.

For more information on this new innovative textile check out this website.


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