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Priya George

Priyanka (Priya) George is a Development Engineer at Boyd Technologies. Priya graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Boston University and a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering at Western New England University. Priya’s current role involves various aspects of the product development process as a client tries to bring their product to market, including material sourcing, process development, and the running of product trials. She has previous intern experience in medical device research and development at Medtronic/Cardinal Health, working on verification and validation of patient monitoring electrodes and defibrillation equipment. In her spare time, Priya enjoys theater, music, and international traveling.

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What Does the Implementation of EU-MDR Mean?


In Brief

The passing of the EU Medical Device Regulations (EU-MDR) is forcing medical device manufacturers to update their clinical testing practices and reporting mechanisms. The body of regulations that preceded the EU-MDR, the Medical Device Directive (MDD) is, in comparison, less than half the size of the EU-MDR, was passed in 1993, and is outdated to such an extent that it does not even contain formal contingencies for the definition and classification of software used in medical devices.

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